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1. I have… some brother or sister no brothers or sisters any brothers or sisters a brothers and sisters
2. Choose the correct option What like London is? How London? What’s London like? How London is?
3. Choose the correct option Linda always runs fast. Linda fast runs always Linda fast always runs. Linda always fast runs
4. I am going to the bakery ... some bread. for buying to buy to buying for to buy
5. Have you...? ever been in Edinburgh never been in Edinburgh been in Edinburgh ever in Edinburgh ever been
6. There are … people in the exhibition many much a lot too
7. When can we meet again? When are you free? It was two days ago. Can you help me? At the mornings.
8. My brother... New York in two days to flying flies for is flying for fly to
9. We go to the gym… in Monday at Monday by Monday on Monday
10. Choose the correct option Give the waterme Give the me a water Give the water at me Give me the water.
11. When do you study? To school In the evenings To the library At the afternoons
12. Choose the correct option Usually they eat on 14:00 They eat at usually 14:00 They usually eat at 14:00 They eat usually at 14:00
13. Choose the correct option Where are you going to go? Where are going you to go? Where you are going to go? Where are to go you going?
14. The snow was … heavily when I left the house. dropping landing falling descending
15. If you want to go with Jason, you should phone … before it him her them
16. I wanted a red dress but I only found ... a one black one black. a black one. a black
17. I am new in the city, I don’t know … here. anywhere. nowhere. everywhere. somewhere.
18. She arrived ... the Station on time. in at on of
19. They are ... her about the new procedures. telling saying saying to telling to
20. When you stay in a country for some time you get used to the people’s … of life. habit custom way system
21. There … in the street. were anyone wasn’t anyone were nobody were none
22. If I won the lottery, I … buy a car. would have bought will buy would buy am going to buy
23. wasn’t asked during the meeting, and nor … they. weren’t was were wasn’t
24. We will be late. There is ... time. no a lot of too much little too few
25. If it is sunny tomorrow … for a picnic. I'll go I am planning to going I’m going I would go
26. Is that the man … wife is ill? Which who whose that
27. They … be inside, the lights are on must had to shouldn't won't
28. Don’t start ... to crying! crying! cry! in crying!
29. You come from Spain ...? don’t you? do you? aren’t you? didn’t you?
30. Charles ... in this office since 2007. works is working does work has worked
31. Choose the correct option I said him he opened the door. I told him to open the door. I said to him that open the door. I told to him that he open the door.
32. The builders are … good progress with the new house. getting doing making taking
33. Jane is ... right now having lunch lunching are having lunch has lunch
34. I … for two hours before he arrived had already been waited had been waiting have waited already been witing
35. He ... go to the doctor tomorrow. should to have to ought to must to
36. You look tired. Maybe you ... rest. need have should have ought to
37. Don’t forget … the door to lock locking locked having locked
38. I thought you ... on your trip tomorrow. will going to go were going to go are going to go have to go
39. he … to his manners, they have been married for 40 years! is used to used is used woulduse
40. You haven’t passed your exam. You … studied more should have have must have had to
41. What differences are there … the American and the British English? among between beside with
42. What … we do today? Do you want to go to the cinema? must shall will havetd>
43. I remember … been here when I was a child. did have having to having to have
44. You... better hurry up if you don’t want to miss the bus ought had have would
45. She is the woman ... I saw. whom _____ what that
46. If you want to stay at home, you … come with us mustn’t don’t have to have to will
47. … you get your father’s permission, I’ll take you skiing next weekend. Although Provided As Unless
48. … is that bag? It is mine Whose Who What which
49. You should not have a dog if you are not … to look after it. prepared adapted arranged decided
50. He goes to work … by taxi on taxi with taxi in taxi
51. This book is worth … reading to read read to reading
52. Choose the correct option The nice small expensive bag is the one that I bought. The small nice is the one expensive bag I bought. The bag nice and small is the expensive I bought. The expensive small nice bag is that I bought.
53. She behaved … a little girl as if as if she were like as
54. I am sure they … the concert, but they couldn’t come would like had liked would have liked will like
55. In my childhood, I … play the piano. Nowadays, I can't should can't was able to would can
56. We don’t believe what Peter told us about Mary. We think … he is making it he is making it up he is making it on he is making it in
57. Choose the correct option Your mother doesn’t know when you will come home. Your mother doesn’t knowwhen will you come home. Your mother doesn’t know you will come home when. Your mother doesn’t knowwhen you home will come.
58. I don’t like my haircut. I am going to the hairdresser to … had it cut made it cut have it cut cut it had
59. I wish I ... studied more for the exam have would have had had had
60. Look at the clouds! It … rain today, but I am not sure mustn’t should would may
61. She has been living in this city ... months back for months since months in months
62. I have … prepared dinner. It is in the oven. yet just ever never
63. If I ... you, I’d take the risk. am have been were would be
64. I didn’t know how to paint my flat, so I ... had it painted had it paint did it paint had painted
65. I saw a lot of people outside the cinema. The film … a success! should have been must have been was to be should be
66. She always wants to do everything … She doesn’t like asking for help. by her own on her own on herself by her ownership
67. … the students. This is That are These are That is
68. She answered the question to nobody … especially specially in particular himself
69. … he has finished, he can go home. Then Until As soon as Therefore
70. The results of the exam depended … the knowledge about the subject. of on off to

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