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1. I have...
2. Choose the correct option:
3. Choose the correct option:
4. I'm going to the bakery ______ some bread.
5. Have you ______?
6. There ______ people in the exhibition.
7. + When can we meet again?
8. We go to the gym...
9. Choose the correct option:
10. + Where do you study?
11. Choose the correct option:
12. Choose the correct option:
13. The snow was ______ heavily when I left my house.
14. If you want to go with Jason, you should phone ______ before.
15. I wanted a red dress, but I only found....
16. I am new in the city, I don't know ______ here.
17. She arrives ______ the station on time
18. They are ______ her about the new procedures.
19. When you stay in a country for some time, you get used to people's ______of life.
20. There ______in the streets.
21. If I won the lottery, I ______ a car.
22. We will be late, there is ______time.
23. Is that the man ______ wife is ill?
24. They ______be inside, the lights are on.
25. Don't start ______!
26. You come from Spain, ______?
27. Choose the correct option:
28. The builders are ______ good progress with the new house.
29. Jane ______ right now.
30. I ______ for two hours before he arrived.
31. He ______ go to the doctor tomorrow.
32. Don't forget ______the door.
33. I thought you ______ on a trip tomorrow
34. She ______ to his manners, they have been married for forty years!
35. You haven't passed your exam. You ______studied more.
36. I remember ______ been here when i was a child.
37. You ______ better hurry up if you don't want to miss the buss.
38. ______ you get father's permission, I'll take you skiing next weekend.
39. He goes to work ______ .
40. This book is worth ______ .
41. I am sure they ______ the concert, but they couldn't come.
42. We don't believe that Peter told us about Mary, we think ______ .
43. I don't like my haircut, I am going to the hairdresser to ______ .
44. I wish I ______ studied more for the exam.
45. She has been living in this city _____ .
46. I have ______ prepared dinner, it is in the oven.
47. If I ______ you, I'd take the risk.
48. She always wants to do everything ______ , she doesn't like to ask for help.
49. The results of the exam depended ______ the knowledge about the subject.
50. ______ he finishes, he can go home.
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